Dj Romeo Advises Upcoming Artists in Zambia

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Romeo Chiyabi is a Kabwe Resident popularly known as Dj Romeo who has passion for Zambian Music.
Dj Romeo has been a Dj for a long time and he has faced alot of challenges starting with the Dj’s, Promoters and Artists on how hard it is in the named fields he now takes it on social media to talks and advise the Upcoming artists in Zambia, Below is the message he posted on his Facebook.

I have been in this game for years…i have learnt a lot of i wrote you a manual..step by step booklet for you to get…because most of you guys lack the guidance

  1. Never record one or two songs and expect to get a hit..if you do..that will be a one hit wonder..keep recording your ideas and don’t bother about people hearing them, sometimes record and just keep the song..listen to it after a while and u will notice it won’t sound the same
  2. Don’t record with a producer who is also learning his ropes, find a producer who understands sound mastering, mostly avoid recording for free because that’s where you start loosing your value.
  3. Have a big heart to continue even when people won’t like your stuff …for you to survive in the game have a heart of a lion
  4. Work on your image what i simply mean is people shouldn’t know your real personality away from the mic…appear before people in a way they will admire you..find an outfit that describes your music and let people see that…usually its the caps, chains, Hoodies, t shirts u can adopt to create your character.
  5. Don’t be seen desperate to be heard by people..don’t ask a dj to play your music on radio or in the club..first show the dj your naturally abilities…if you can sing or a Capella for them that’s were you score your points..the dj will always be an ambassador for a good artist trust me.
  6. when you go to perform as a curtain raiser don’t jump on stage with the same clothes you came with from home..have some stage clothes which you should only wear when on stage..believe me you will be seen to be serious and that’s how stars are made..
  7. When going for the performance never carry your music on the phone because the dj’s laptop may not recognise your phone create a folder and put your songs you would like to perform and then save them in a flash disk(USB) number them in the order you will perform them..1.2.3 etc
  8. When coming up with a stage name..use a name that people will find easy to pronounce and easy to remember..don’t pick complicated stuff,this is Zambia and not America
  9. Never sing song that are personal to you, sing songs that people can relate to in all aspects capture the hearts of all ages, old and young remember the chorus should always be catchy and easy to sing along.
  10. Never compare yourself to anyone be yourself

Hope you find this useful Am officially getting into music management…get in touch with me..DJ ROMEO-the Ghost

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