I Think Shyman was Drunk – Jazz Boy

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Jazz Boy (Music Producer)

Lusaka Based Award winning Music Producer has finally responded to allegations by American Based Zambia Musician Shyman Shaizo this was after Jazz Boy saw the post on Facebook by Shyman. 

Jazz Boy (Music Producer)

Jazz Boy contacted Shyman via WhatsApp Messager asking him to delete what he had posted and solve issues away from Social media details in the screen shots below (insert Pictures)

WhatsApp Screenshot
WhatsApp Screenshot

From the Screenshot above, the conversation didn’t seem to have ended as they did not solve this issue amicably and Jazz Boy took his side of the story on to his to address the matter.

“I think he was drunk or something by the time he was posting such on social media .
The thing is I told ba shyman to redo the vocals because they wasn’t sounding with quality for me to work on and he never wanted to record and send proper vocals so that I can work on the song .pa first he had same issues with someone nd he was talking shit about the same person because of the recent song that he released wamona nomba which he brought to me to work on we never had any problem I gaved him the song on time and today his saying such about me because I told him to sing properly ..

Am surprised his posting such on social media instead of us finding out a way of sorting out the issue out of social media after naiona post yake people was tagging me I went straight to his inbox and ask him to delete the post tumfwanefye bwino he never wanted so kaya problem yabo . His not the only one who stays in America have worked with ba @⁨Obama Oc⁩ without having any problem .

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