The God Formula – Charity Tembo Pepuzani

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This book is strictly for those who are hungry for success. Those who are tired of living below the poverty line. Those who are saying enough is enough. Are you living and you don’t know what you are living for? Are you married or in a relationship but you can’t find any reason to be happy? Have you tried all that you can to finish that project but nothing has happened yet? Are you feeling like God is far away and doesn’t care about you? Are you at the verge of giving up and nothing is making sense to you? Are you blaming your parents or guardians for your current failures? The God Formula book will help you get on a path of true transformation.

This book was written from the heart and inspired by the Holy Spirit. So you can imagine the power it is.One thing I can guarantee you is that you can’t read this extraordinary book and remain the same. It has summarized the true secrets of success. It’s up to you to apply and follow them.This Book is about you and the God within you. It is about understanding your true purpose and how to fulfil it. God is interested in making you prosperous. Why not grab a copy and start activating the God Formula.


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